The Beach House White 2011

2011 The Beach House White

Varietal:  80% Sauvignon Blanc; 20% Semillon
Region:  South Africa
Cost:  Approx $9-$10

Winemaker’s Notes: Twinkling bright and pale straw with playful lemongrass and gooseberry aromas layered with hints of honeysuckle and tangerine that race across the palate in a refreshing burst of tantalizing citrus fruit finishing with vibrant crispness. The moderate alcohol makes this wine deliciously drinkable. Pairs well with cracked crab, shucked oysters, steamed clams, grilled fresh white fish, tuna carpaccio, shrimp, sushi rolls, seafood salads, vegetarian dishes, or just by itself.

My Review:  For my wife’s recent birthday she received a smattering of wines from one of her co-workers, all whites that should be within my wife’s preferred tastes. Preparing a dinner of shrimp with bowtie pasta in a sauce of feta, chives, green onions, and a splash of wine, we decided to open up one of her birthday offerings to add to the dish and then enjoy with it.

The best description of the 2011 Beach House White is “green”. There’s plenty of citrus on the nose and in the mouth, but a hint of herbaceous notes comes through on the finish, and while that’s certainly not a bad thing, I also know it’s not for everybody. Paired with the dinner it was great – the citrus cut through the creaminess of the dish while complimenting the hint of tangy flavors in the dish thanks to the feta, onions, and chives.

I’m not going to go so far as to call this wine amazing or spectacular, but it is a good value wine, especially for an easy sipper on the deck, or patio, or at the beach as the weather continues to get hotter. It’s a perfect wine to take to cook-outs this summer, and at the price you can grab more than one bottle to share.

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