Tisdale Merlot

Tisdale Merlot

Varietal: Merlot
Region: California – USA
Cost: $5 – $8

Dark red color with flavors of black cherry and spice on the finish.  Pair with steak, pork, or chocolate.

Recommendations: I’m not really a fan of Merlot.  Before the merlot-loving hate-mail starts rolling in, let me quantify that.  I am a strong proponent of the belief that price doesn’t equal quality in the wine world.  Just because a bottle costs $100 doesn’t mean it’s good, just as because a bottle costs $3 doesn’t mean it’s bad.  The exception to this rule, at least in my experience, has been Merlot.

Something about Merlot seems to equate better quality to a higher price-tag.  I don’t know what it is, and I hope to be proven wrong one day, but so far that’s been my experience.  Now, I’ve said all of these things before actually getting into my thoughts on the Tisdale Merlot.

My wife and I received this wine as a gift from a friend, and while we don’t typically drinks Merlot, I’ve never met a bottle of free wine that I wouldn’t at least open and try.  The Tisdale was rather dark in the glass, and while I couldn’t pick out a distinct aroma, it the flavors of both black cherry and fresh crushed berries were a good compliment to the spice finish.

I didn’t pair this with anything, just sipped on it while watching some football with my wife, and I have to say that it actually wasn’t bad.  I’m not saying that I would buy it again, but if you are a Merlot fan and are looking for a cheap bottle to keep around the house for any occasion, then you should certainly give this one a try.

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  1. Well I do not know how your incredible company stays in business. I am presently enjoying my second glass of mystery year-of-vintage Merlot from your fine vineyards.

    I have not paid so low a price $2.50 — since the 1970s — for a decent bottle of wine, and I can vouchsafe this is the finest merlot I have ever drunk.

    It is pleasant, smooth and totally splendid. YOu can count on me as a repeat customer and to tell many others. The mystery year-of-vintage is a bit of a head-scratcher, tho. I’m sure you do it for a reason, tho.

    • I’m not the producer of Tisdale Merlot, it was a bottle that I received as a gift and gave my thoughts on it. Thanks for reading though.

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