Virginia Wineworks Bag in the Box Cabernet Franc 2009

2009 Virginia Wineworks Bag in the Box Cabernet Franc

Varietal: 100% Cabernet Franc
Region: Charlottesville – Virginia – USA
Cost: $30

Winemaker’s Notes: Deep purple color with aromas of dark blackberry and currants. Soft flavors of concentrated berries with hints of vanilla and oak. Pairs well with steaks, chops, or hamburgers.

My Review: I’ve been sitting on this review for a few days because I was thinking of the best way to approach it. Given that the wine I was drinking was in a box, I clearly wasn’t drinking it in a single sitting (I’m not that irresponsible), so I couldn’t do my usual bit on what I liked or didn’t like about the wine and how it went with what I was eating. So I’ve decided to take a more…general view of it.

I picked up the 2009 Virginia Wineworks Bag in the Box Cab Franc at the Virginia Wine Expo last month. While walking around the Expo I saw their booth and immediately knew I was going to visit them as I had heard they were offering a boxed wine, something I’d never heard of a Virginia vineyard doing before. While I enjoyed all of their wines, I made a point of bringing home the boxed Cab Franc, mostly because there are nights when I just want a glass of wine and so I don’t feel like opening an entire bottle.

The wine itself has been great. A nice dark purple with the advertised blackberry on the nose. In the mouth it’s both bright and soft at the same time. The flavors of berry leap out at you, but the finish is smooth and tempered, making it an easy wine to drink. I’ve paired the wine with a number of things – pasta, munchies (southwest style eggrolls, tequila/lime wings, and cheese & crackers), and just enjoyed a glass by itself.

I would also like to note that Virginia Wineworks did a great job with the packaging, choosing a good box shape, and an excellent spigot that allows for easy glass filling without dripping or spilling of wine on the floor or counter. Good job.

Even by the bottle I would recommend this wine, but the value you get from getting what amounts to four bottles for about $7.50 each makes it an even better deal, one that I like so much I already went to my local store and bought another box. This is quickly becoming a wine I plan to keep on hand at all times as a table wine thanks to how versatile it is. If you’re in Virginia, check with your local grocery store to see if they carry it, and if not, get in touch with Virginia Wineworks as they may be able to point you in the right direction.

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