Cline Cool Climate Pinot Gris 2012

2012 Cline Cool Climate Pinot Gris

Varietal:  100% Pinot Gris
Region:  Sonoma Coast, California – USA
Cost:  $14 (SRP)

Winemaker’s Notes:  Refreshing and approachable, our Pinot Gris has exquisite flavors of orange and tangerine. No oak aging is used in the winemaking process, which enhances the fresh fruit flavors and bright acidity. Enjoy this wine with light fare such as grilled fish, quiche & butter lettuce salad, herb-crusted halibut and lobster with tarragon butter.

My Review:  Food at my house on the weekend usually amounts to light snacks and tapas-style munchies that my wife and I share with some wine to match. This past weekend was no exception. Given that it was our first relaxing weekend in some time, we took full advantage, including making some baked brie and opening up the bottle of 2012 Cline Cool Climate Pinot Gris.

In the glass the wine was darker yellow in color, with a slight hint of red. It didn’t push the wine into rose’-type color, but it was unexpected and both my wife and I commented on it when we saw it. On the nose the wine offered up crisp citrus notes that carried over to the mouth. Whether the orange or tangerine was more prominent is hard for me to say since I don’t really eat much of either.

Cline Pinot Gris in the Glass
Cline Pinot Gris in the Glass

The wine walked a nice line between crisp and dry, with some subtle mineral notes on the finish. Paired with the baked brie that was wrapped in puff pastry and topped with chopped walnuts and a balsamic reduction it offered a nice contrast to the rich creaminess of the food.

Pinot Gris isn’t something that I usually reach for given how big of fans of Sauvignon Blanc we are in my house, but my recent experiences with this and Chenin Blanc are opening up our options as we move into the hot season here in Virginia and my wife and I look for something crisp to drink.

Editor’s Note: I received this wine as a free sample for review.

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