Evolution White

Evolution White

Varietal:  White Blend (Pinot Gris; Riesling; Muscat; Gewurztraminer; Muller-Thurgau; Semillon; Pinot Blanc; Sylvaner; Chardonnay)
Region:  Oregon – USA
Cost:  $14

Winemaker’s Notes:  Pinot Gris based blend that pairs well with spicy Asian, Indian, Mexican, and Caribbean foods and jambalaya.

My Review:  This wasn’t my first time seeing Evolution White, not even my first time trying it, though it was my first time getting around to writing about it, possibly since it’s the first time that I’ve tried it since I started up this site. While picking up a bottle of the Evolution Red we decided to grab the White as well since my wife had enjoyed it in the past. After cooking up some Tilapia we decided to open it up to see if it was what she remembered.

The wine was light golden in color, and on the nose I picked up light citrus notes. In the mouth I picked up some more of the citrus, along with a crispness that I found refreshing. Paired with some fish that had a little heat on it it was refreshing if not remarkable.

I will admit to liking the Evolution Red better than the Evolution White, though I think that has to do with my tastes in white leaning towards the extremes – I either want it very dry and crisp, or very round and creamy. Nothing in the middle which is definitely where this wine fell.

That being said, there’s definitely a large number of people that will find they like the wine, and it’s certainly a lot better than a lot of wines do for the price point. I could see putting this out for a party since it will appeal to a lot of different palates, but I don’t know that I’d personally bother with it again.

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