Fattori Soave Classico DOC “Runcaris” 2009

2009 Fattori Soave Classico DOC Runcaris

Varietal:  100% Gargenega
Region:  Soave – Italy
Cost:  $13 (SRP)

My Review:  When I was first approached about reviewing a pair of wines from the Soave region of Italy I jumped at the chance, in part because it was a region that I was fairly unfamiliar with and I’m always looking to try something new, and also because Italian wines were what first got me into wine, so the country as a whole as always had a spot in my heart.

I had a rough idea of what to expect from the wine just from looking up descriptions of both the grape (Gargenega), and the wines from the region. The wine was light and crisp both on the nose and in the mouth with notes of citrus.

In the mouth the wine had a touch of minerality and the finish featured both a note of petrol and a hint of sweetness that was different and seemed to both fight and compliment each other at the same time, cutting each from being too prominent.

We paired the dinner with a meal of chicken breasts stuffed with a mixture of ranch, blue cheese, and celery that was then breaded and cooked to crispiness and then drizzled with a buffalo sauce (it was really good), the wine did a good job of cutting through the heat and creaminess of the meal, offering a crisp, refreshing note against the chicken.

I’d be lying if I said I was totally in love with this wine, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t intrigued by it. I have another bottle from another producer that I’m looking forward to trying and seeing how it compares to the first one, so check back soon as it’s high on my list to sample.

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