Il Valore Sangiovese 2008

Varietal: Sangiovese
Region: Italy
Cost: $6

Garnet colored in the glass with aromas of cherry and crushed fruit on the nose.  Cherry, crushed fruit and a spice finish in the mouth.  Pair with pasta or meat.

Recommendations: Given that my wife and I have been snowed in for the better part of two weeks, our supplies of wine are starting to run low.  While watching a movie (The Neverending Story for those that care), we opened up a this bottle of Sangiovese that I had picked up at our local Trader Joe’s in anticipation of the coming snow storms.

Fairly light in the glass and on the palate, I got flavors of cherry and spice, along with a little fresh crushed fruit.  In typical Sangiovese style, the wine was rather dry and would have paired great with a pasta dish or some red meat, though it was a good compliment to the realization that the movies from my childhood may not have been as good as I thought they were.

While certainly not the best Sangiovese I’ve ever had, not even the best in the last 30 days to be honest, it’s really hard to argue against a passable bottle of wine that’s less than $10.  Worth it to keep around the house for cooking/pairing with quick pasta dishes, but not good for much else beyond being a cheap table wine.

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