Diseno Malbec 2007

Varietal: Malbec
Region: Argentina
Cost: $12

Deep red color with aromas of berry and tobacco.  Dark cherry, blackberry, and spice on the palate allows this wine to pair well with BBQ.

Recommendations: My wife had picked this wine up a while ago, and since we’ve been snowed in and our selection is starting to wane, we paired this wine with a meal of lemon-mustard chicken and mac n’ cheese.  The wine was fairly dark in the glass, and while I did grab a hint of berry and tobacco on the nose, the alcohol (13.5%) was what I really picked up at first sniff.

In the mouth, I was able to taste dark cherry and blackberry, but again the alcohol was prevalent until the wine was allowed to open up, helping to mellow it out.  While it went well enough with our meal, it would have paired much better with BBQ of some type, and if you pick this bottle up I would recommend that you do just that.

In the end I have a hard time recommending this wine.  While it’s not a bad value, there are better Malbecs out there for the same price and even less.  The alcohol flavor and aroma passed as the wine opened up, but it was hard to get past at first.  Pass unless you’re curious or it’s the only thing left in your wine cellar.

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