Robert Mondavi Private Selection Sauvignon Blanc 2010

2010 Robert Mondavi Private Selection Sauvignon Blanc

Varietal: 100% Sauvignon Blanc
Region: California – USA
Cost: $11 (SRP)

Winemaker’s Notes: Lemon/lime with freshly cut grass and floral notes on the nose. The flavors of the same family with a nice acidic backbone. The acidity leans to the citrus side making for a very food friendly wine. Enjoy this superior Sauvignon Blanc with crab salad, calamari, prosciutto-wrapped pears, and roasted chicken.

My Review: I don’t think it’s any surprise when I say that I really enjoy Sauvignon Blanc, especially this time of year as the weather gets progressively hotter and (at least here in Virginia) more humid and having a nice crisp wine is a near must have.

While I’ve grown particularly fond of Sauvignon Blanc from South America in recent years, I’m certainly always looking to expand my wine horizons, so I was happy to receive a sample of the most recent vintage of Robert Mondavi’s Sauvignon Blanc. Relaxing with my wife this weekend with a lunch of munchies, we opened up the bottle to give it a try.

In the glass the wine was light yellow with almost a hint of green to it when the light hit it just right. On the nose I got citrus and while I don’t know that I would go so far as the winemaker to call it an aroma of freshly cut grass, it certainly had a “green” aroma to it.

In the mouth the wine had a good acidity to it with the citrus from the nose carrying over as well as the sensation of “green” that I got on the nose. Paired with a lunch that included cheese and crackers it was a nice refreshing wine that was as enjoyable with food as without, though I agree with the winemaker’s notes that this would be a great pairing with some crab or calamari.

This time of year I pretty much always recommend Sauvignon Blanc to anybody looking for a white wine that’s light, crisp, and versatile, and while a good part of my heart still belongs to the Sauvignon Blancs of South America, I would absolutely buy this one and recommend it to anybody looking for an affordable Sauvignon Blanc that you can probably find in your local store.

If you can’t find the 2010 Robert Mondavi Private Selection Sauvignon Blanc in your local store, simply follow this link and you can have it shipped to your home or business.

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