Ruffino Chianti 2008

2008 Ruffino Chianti

Varietal: Chianti
Region: Italy
Cost: $9

Ruby red in color with aromas of spice, cherry, and hazelnut.  Flavors of fruit and berry in a medium-bodied wine.  Pairs well with pasta, pizza, and most traditional Italian dishes.

Recommendations: I picked up this bottle last night after a long day of work.  I’d had other Ruffino wines before and enjoyed them and was just in the mood for Chianti and thought this would be a safe bet.  I should have grabbed another one.  While the color and the aromas of the wine were nice – ruby red and cherry – I felt the wine was lighter than I was expecting in the mouth.  The flavors were all there, berry, some cherry, and a noticeable tannic finish, but while Ruffino claims it’s medium-bodied, I felt it leaned more towards the lighter side.

While this bottle hasn’t turned me off of Ruffino wines, I definitely won’t be getting this one again, especially as there are other Chiantis out there for about the same price that have delivered for me in the past.  Kinda disappointing.

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    • I like Gabbiano better when it comes to reasonably priced Chianti. I’ve had some of their high-end stuff before and it’s good, but like you said, for the price you can do even better.

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