Simi Chardonnay 2008

2008 Simi Chardonnay

Varietal: Chardonnay
Region: California – Sonoma County – USA
Cost: $11

Light in the glass with aromas of tropical fruit.  Flavors of pear, apple, and pineapple with a creamy finish that pairs well with cream-sauced chicken, salmon, and mild cheeses.

Recommendations: While at Costco this weekend doing our monthly shopping trip, my wife and I picked up a bottle of the Simi Chardonnay to pair with the salmon we had already grabbed earlier in the shopping trip.  The back label of the wine claimed it would pair well with salmon, and I’ve always liked Chardonnay to cut through the fat of a good piece of salmon so it sounded like a good idea.

When we cooked the salmon, we put it under the broiler with a mustard herb crust that was, at least in my opinion, quite tasty.  My wife really outdid herself on that one.  As for the wine itself – meh.  The color was nice – a light golden color, and the flavors weren’t bad, pineapple, pear, and apple with just a hint of the creamy, buttery finish that I expect from Chardonnay, and while it did a good job of cutting through the richness of the salmon, I can’t honestly say that I would buy it again.

It’s a lowest common denominator wine.  What I mean by that is that if I was having a wedding, and I had to select a red and a white to offer, this is the kind of white I would choose.  It will satisfy the largest number of people, won’t cost a lot, and will go with chicken, fish, or cream pasta.  It’s a generic wine.  It reminded me a lot of a Yellowtail Chardonnay, which is another lowest common denomination wine.

So while the wine was ok with dinner, in the end, I know I could have done better for the price point, or at least the same for a few dollars less.  Not worth picking up.

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