Villa Appalaccia Lirico

Villa Appalaccia Lirico

Varietal:  Trebbiano & Vidal Blanc
Region:  Rocky Kn0b AVA, Virginia – USA
Cost:  $18

Winemaker’s Notes:  The appearance of this wine is light pale straw, with a nose filled with light floral notes including hibiscus and lemon lime. The attack is bright, with nice balanced acids leading to a midpalate of fig, banana, apricot, pear, and citrus. The finish lingers slightly, with vanilla and a hint of pineapple and summer melon. Excellent on its own, this wine would pair well with seafood, cheese dishes, and white sauce pastas.

My Review:  And I’m back in the saddle. So, in case you missed it, my wife and I moved from Richmond, Virginia to Greenville, North Carolina back at the beginning of February. It’s been an adjustment, but we’ve been getting settled in and finding our way around both our new city and state.

We have, however, been missing one thing – Virginia Wine. During the years we lived in Virginia we came to love the ever-growing wine industry of the state, and leaving it was something we both regretted. No more trips to wine country on a Saturday whim.

Because of that, we finally decided to sign back up for a wine of the month club, starting with the Virginia Wine of the Month Club. We’d actually had this many years ago as a wedding gift from a friend, and it seemed like the perfect way to ensure that a few bottles of Virginia Wine made their way to our home each and every month.

Our first shipment included two bottles from Villa Appalaccia, and last night we opened the white. Villa Appalaccia features wines with an Italian influence (hence the Italian inspired name of “Lirico”), and is located in the southern part of the state, between Roanoke and the North Carolina border.

In the glass the wine was a light yellow color, and on the nose I picked up some soft floral notes and lemon. In the mouth the wine showed nice balanced acidity, with flavors of apricot and citrus. On the finish the wine had a bit of roundness, thanks to being barrel fermented, with a pop of vanilla and pineapple jumping out at me.

We paired the wine with a dinner of risotto and Asian tilapia. The tropical notes were a nice counter note to the slightly spicy fish and the creamy risotto, and it was enjoyable to sip on even after dinner was finished.

I don’t know that I would call this wine a favorite by any stretch, but for less than $20 it’s a good value, thanks in large part to how versatile I found it. I’m fairly certain I could pair it with a wide variety of dishes and it would work well. If you’re looking to try a versatile white that isn’t a Chardonnay, this is certainly one to consider.

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