Blenheim Vineyards Petit Verdot 2008

2008 Blenheim Vineyards Petit Verdot

Varietal: Petit Verdot (100%)
Region: Virginia – USA
Cost: $24

Deep purple in the glass with aromas of allspice, vanilla bean, dried plum and fig.  Flavors of blackberry and blueberry lead into a smooth, silky finish that is well paired with beef.

Recommendations: I’m a sucker for Petit Verdot, and when I visited Blenheim Vineyards several months ago I found another reason to love it.  Very few places, especially in Virginia, offer a 100% Petit Verdot, but thankfully Blenheim does.  A nice deep purple in the glass with aromas of spice on the nose, it was the perfect wine to enjoy with a pair of steaks I had seasoned and thrown on the grill before I even took a sip.

Once the food was finally cooked and we started drinking, the wine got even better.  Berry flavors with a touch of oak (from 12 months in French Oak) lead into a nice silky finish that was a great compliment to the steaks and was enjoyable well after the meal was over.  In fact my only complaint about this wine is that the bottle isn’t bigger.  The more I have Petit Verdot the more I enjoy it, both by itself and blended with other varietals.  If you’ve never had Petit Verdot by itself before I highly recommend you try it.  

If you’re ever in the Charlottesville area, I also highly recommend stopping into Blenheim Vineyards to taste all of their wines, but especially their Petit Verdot.  You’ll enjoy both their great wine and their amazing tasting room.  You won’t be able to find Blenheim in your local store, but if you visit their website ( you can order their wine from there and have it shipped to you.  I would recommend it.

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  1. I’m a major fan of petit verdot as well but haven’t made it back to Blenheim since this has been bottled. I started salivating while reading your review, so I really do need to get there soon!

    • They’ve got a great tasting room and a friendly staff. Put that with great wine and it’s a good way to spend a few hours.

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