Pinot Evil Pinot Noir

Pinot Evil Pinot Noir

Varietal: Pinot Noir
Region: France
Cost: $8-$10

Light in the glass with cherry and plum on the palate.  Pairs with most food, especially pizza and grilled meats.

Recommendations: This is not the first time I’ve had Pinot Evil, and had admittedly picked up the bottle in the past simply because of the amusing name and label.  That being said, I’ve long been a fan of Pinot Noir and of finding wines that are easy on the budget.  This one fits both of those bills.

Now, I’d be lying if I said that the Pinot Evil Pinot Noir had anything more to offer than one note of fruity flavor with a slight lingering taste of alcohol that quickly dissipates, but that wouldn’t convey the true beauty of this wine.  It’s an $8 Pinot Noir.  

This wine is not going to change your world, it’s not going to change the way you think about Pinot Noir (at least not in a positive fashion), but this is hands down one of the better value wines I’ve found for a night of sitting around watching TV and munching on some delivered pizza.  You really can’t beat it.

Factor in that Pinot Evil can also be found in a box for around $23 and you’ve got the makings of a go-to table wine that’s better than the usual cheap Merlot/Cabernet blends you’ll find on the shelves of most of your bigger stores.

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