Urban Valle de Uco Mendoza Malbec 2008

2008 Urban Uco Malbec from Argentina

Varietal: Malbec
Region: Argentina
Cost: $20

Deep purple color with aromas of spice and berry that leads into flavors of crushed fruit, with licorice and tannins on the finish.  Pairs well with pasta, smoked meats, pizza, and really anything but seafood.

Recommendations: When I received a box of samples from the International Wine of the Month Club, I’ll admit that I was eager to open up this bottle.  My wife and I are big fans of Malbec, mostly because of how versatile the wine is.  The Urban Uco Malbec did not disappoint.  The deep purple of the wine in the glass was inviting all by itself, and the aroma of spice made it hard to take a moment before sipping the wine.

Crushed fruit and berry was immediately obvious in the mouth, which quickly faded into a licorice flavor with a subtle tannic finish.  It was great.  Paired with a dinner of pepperoni pizza, it was the perfect compliment to a simple dinner, and enjoyable well after the pizza was gone.  What was most impressive about this wine was that if I hadn’t read the label, I wouldn’t have known that the wine had 14% alcohol/volume.  Excellent job of masking a high alcohol content behind amazing flavors.

This wine has continued my growing obsession with South American wines, and if you’re a fan of wines from the region, I certainly recommend this one.  If you’ve never tried a wine from South America then I definitely recommend this one – it’s a great wine to introduce you to the great wines that our neighbor south of the Equator is producing.

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