Winfield Estate Proprietor’s Select Pinot Noir 2009

2009 Winfield Estate Proprietor's Select Pinot Noir

Varietal: 100% Pinot Noir
Region: Oregon – USA
Cost: $20

My Review: I’m never one to turn away a sample bottle of Pinot Noir, but I was intrigued when the Good Works Wine Club asked if I would review a few bottles for them. I’ve been seeing a trend in wine and charity going hand in hand, and it’s a trend I’m enjoying. I won’t lie and say I’m the most charitable person in the world, but if I can combine charity with something that I do enjoy, like say wine, well then we can talk.

The Good Works Wine Club is a wine club with no membership fees. When you sign up, you will be asked to choose a non-profit, they have a list to choose from or you can request to add another, and 20% of your purchase price will be donated to that non-profit. That alone should have people rushing to sign up and order wine as there’s some really good causes already listed on the site.

As for the wine. I have three bottles to sample, but I naturally started with the 2009 Pinot Noir because, as I’ve stated, I love Pinot. The wine was light in the glass, and on the nose I got notes of cherry and cola. In the mouth this was a more fruit-forward Pinot Noir, with the cherry and cola carrying over from the nose to the palate. A bit of tartness on the finish was a good finishing note, especially considering how light the wine was. Paired with a dinner of pizza (half pepperoni, half fresh basil and mozzarella), it was a great table wine, and a good red wine as we move into the warmer months – nice and light.

Starting off with the 2009 Winfield Estate Proprietor’s Select Pinot Noir has made me look forward to the other two bottles I was sent (a Syrah and a Pinot Gris), and if for no other reason than there are some really good non-profit organizations that are always in need of help, it’s worth ordering at least one bottle. The 2009 Pinot Noir isn’t going to blow your mind, but it’s also not going to disappoint or make you regret having spent the $20 on it. Give it a try and do some charity work at the same time.

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