Eastmoor Hills Proprietor’s Reserve Syrah 2008

2008 Eastmoor Hills Proprietor's Reserve Syrah

Varietal: 100% Syrah
Region: Columbia Valley – Washington State
Cost: $25

Winemaker’s Notes: Spicy, deep plummy flavors and silky tones.

My Review: And so the final bottle of the samples sent to me by the Good Works Wine Club was finally opened. The closer I got to the Memorial Day weekend the more I knew that I would be opening this bottle then because Syrah and ribs are a great pairing, and I knew I was going to destroy me some ribs on Memorial Day. Mmmm…ribs.

The wine was a dark purplish-red in the glass and while I didn’t get much nose on it, there was some spice that came through after swirling the wine around a bit in the glass. In the mouth I got dark fruit and more of the spice from the nose, and all in all it was a nice enough pairing for the meal of ribs and corn on the cob that my wife and I shared with an old friend for Memorial Day.

Now I will be honest that of the three bottles that were sent to me, the Syrah is probably my least favorite. Not because I don’t enjoy Syrah, or that it was categorically “bad”, but more so that I enjoyed the Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris more, and found them to be much better values. That being said, this is still for a good cause, and I would be remiss if I didn’t say to go to the Good Works Wine Club and by something, anything, even if it’s not for you, just to do a charitable act and get some wine out of it while doing so.

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